Video: AIB says what we all knew about Indian weddings, gets us thinking

The new AIB 'Honest Weddings' video will crack you up and make you think simultaneously.

Written by Aditi Anand | New Delhi | Updated: May 12, 2015 12:16:07 pm
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Continuing with their series of ‘Honest’ videos, All India Bakchod (AIB) — known for their unique concepts and hilarious videos — has now launched a two-part ‘Honest Wedding’, a brutally honest account of the cliches of an Indian wedding.

Watch the videos here:

The video starts with the to-be groom and his parents visiting the girl’s house to see and approve her. A normal affair and a part of every arranged marriage in India. Everyone is familiar with the criticism surrounding this tradition but people do it anyway. The blunt dialogues of the video describing the girl as a commodity is what sparks the humour.

From there the video just builds up from amusing to hysterically funny with an array of relatable characters commonly seen in weddings. ‘The extrovert cousin’ who’s forced to be the host, ‘the bitchy aunt’ who just has to pin-point any flaw whatsoever, ‘the ex-boyfriend’ who pops up just to make things awkward or ‘ the overly forward and slightly embarrassing grandmother’ who wants to give advice about sex – characters we all know in real life.

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But with the humour also comes a very stark, in-your-face critique of the way Indian weddings function. AIB ruthlessly describes the many stigmas surrounding marriage in our country. Taking dowry, forcing arranged marriage on your children even if that means making them settle for less than they deserve, the taboo of a girl’s virginity and the men’s ego which can’t deal with it, the pressure to have sex on the first night of your marriage or the stress of organising events that clean your pockets out just to confine to the society norms.

AIB picks up all the problematic issues surrounding the grand affair that an Indian wedding is, and spells out the naked truth with humour and wit.

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