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‘Everyone should know Hindi’: Zomato executive’s remark to customer triggers language debate online

As the tweet went viral, Zomato care, the company's official support page, called the incident "unacceptable" and reached out to Vikash to address his concerns.

Zomato chat support executive customer learn hindi, hindi national language, man asked to learn hindi national language zomato, zomato trending, indian express, indian express newsSince being shared online, the tweet has triggered a plethora of reactions with #Reject_Zomato trending on the microblogging website.

Zomato is drawing flak on social media for a conversation between a customer care executive of the company and a person from Tamil Nadu. Screenshots of the conversation were shared on Twitter by a user named Vikash, who alleged the executive called him a “liar” and said, “everyone should know Hindi”.

Vikash reached out to Zomato’s customer care service after an item from his order, placed via the delivery app, was left out. When Vikash asked the executive to call the restaurant and facilitate a refund, the executive claimed he had already tried to speak to the restaurant five times, but there was a “language barrier”.

When Vikash said the language barrier was “not (my) matter of concern” and insisted Zomato get him the refund, the executive allegedly responded, “For your kind information Hindi is our national language. So it is very common that everybody should know Hindi little bit (sic).”

Vikash also told the executive during the conversation, “If Zomato is available in Tamil Nadu, they should have hired the people who understand the language.”

Vikash also explained the situation in his tweet, “Ordered food in Zomato and an item was missed. Customer care says the amount can’t be refunded as I didn’t know Hindi. Also takes the lesson that being an Indian I should know Hindi. Tagged me a liar as he didn’t know Tamil. @zomato, not the way you talk to a customer.”

As the tweet went viral, Zomato care, the company’s official support page, called the incident “unacceptable” and reached out to Vikash to address his concerns.

The company then apologised to Vikash for their customer care agent’s behaviour, adding that they have terminated the agent for his “negligence towards our diverse culture”.


However, the company’s CEO and founder Deepinder Goyal later tweeted that the employee has been reinstated and addressed the issue on the microblogging website. “An ignorant mistake by someone in a support centre of a food delivery company became a national issue. The level of tolerance and chill in our country needs to be way higher than it is nowadays. Who’s to be blamed here?”

“On that note, we are reinstating the agent – this alone is not something she should have been fired for. This is easily something she can learn and do better about going forward,” he added.

Since being shared online, the tweet has triggered a plethora of reactions. While some users said Vikash was creating a “panic situation with useless issues”, others backed him stating it was “atrocious” to ask a customer to learn Hindi. Some also replied to the post claiming they had faced similar issues while trying to communicate with customer care executives. The viral tweet also led to ‘#Reject_Zomato’ trending on the microblogging website.


First published on: 19-10-2021 at 12:20:26 pm
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