Comedian Aditi Mittal’s message against ‘convenient feminism’ propagated by corporates is spot on

Her message has garnered massive support on social media and rightly so!

By: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 21, 2016 6:56:04 pm
Aditi Mittal slams 'convenient feminism' propagated by corporates Aditi Mittal slams ‘convenient feminism’ propagated by corporates

Comedian Aditi Mittal is known to be vocal about her opinion through her comedy scripts and this time, she took to Twitter to talk about how corporates who invite her for women empowerment events tell her “listen don’t say you hate men”. Mittal, who has reportedly been asked to edit her script a lot of times because her clients think it’s too ‘bold’ or controversial, writes “All the big corp. want IN on empowering the female for the corporate social responsibility quota but no one actually wants empowered women.”

In an interview with Vagabomb, she said, “I can’t count the number of client briefings I’ve attended where idiots sit and say sh*t like, ‘Yaar, aaj kal na women ka kuch zyada hi empowerment ho raha hai. Men logon ko kuch karna padega’. She highlights the hypocrisy of organisations who use ‘feminism’ only to sell their product but don’t really believe in the true meaning of it. “The mainstream has hijacked whatever is convenient to it about feminism. All the nuances get over simplified in “viral” videos and ads,” she writes.

She also put forth a very important argument about feminism that it’s certainly not about hating men, something which various feminist groups have been trying to convey. “If you’re literally holding a talk abt women empowerment then, FEMINISM IS NOT ABOUT HATING MEN, is a fact you should be aware AS F**K of.”

Her message has garnered massive support on social media and rightly so!

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