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What does Andhra Pradesh’s map remind you of? Warning: Once seen, it can’t be unseen

Make Andhra Pradesh Your Business Again?

Does it look like a penis to you?
Does it look like a penis to you?

In June 2014, India’s 29th state Telangana came into existence after it separated itself from Andhra Pradesh. However, have you noticed Andhra Pradesh’s map after Telangana’s formation? There are many interpretations of what the map looks like, but the one that’s ruling the social media space is that it resembles male genitalia. To be fair, this realisation only struck most people when a Reddit user posted the map online and it reached social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The picture is from an event to promote business in the state titled ‘Andhra Pradesh Investment Meet 2017’ that took place in Visakhapatnam recently. The logo was designed especially for the event but turned out to be rather awkward. “You have ruined it for me forever. I can never look back at the map now without seeing a dong,” wrote a user. Taking a dig at the punch line of the event, “Make Andhra Pradesh Your Business Again”, a user wrote, “Impregnate your business prospects with deep penetration into a virgin market right in the bosom of South India.”

Talking about bizarre logos, do you remember the one made for Cherry Orchard, a fashion event based in Kolkata? It looked like a penis too. People probably weren’t aware of the event so much as after the logo was shared on Facebook. The logo had a C juxtaposed with O with two cherry stems meeting at the top.

Nevertheless, this picture of Andhra Pradesh’s map tickled the funny bone of people on Twitter as well.