Watch: Viral video of monkey trying to fix a water leak

Watch: Viral video of monkey trying to fix a water leak

In the 14-seconds video, A monkey can be seen sitting beside a leaking pipe. The video shows the monkey trying to fix the leaking pipe, with a couple of dry leaves.

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The video features a monkey, who is way more concerned about water than humans.

With water scarcity becoming one of the most pressing issues of our time, a viral video featuring a monkey will put to shame those doing little to conserve water.

In the 14-second video, the monkey was seen cupping its hands to try and stop the water flow from a leaking pipe. In its desperation, the wild animal then uses a couple of dry leaves to plug the leak.

The incident came to light when Twitter user Niharika Singh Panjeta shared the video on her feed. “If other beings of the #wild can have such #grace, #intelligence and #sensitivity …then I really don’t know what went wrong with us #humans .. #whoaretherealanimals ? ” she wrote.

Watch the video here:

Netizens were quick to react in solidarity, pointing out the “ignorant lifestyles” of humans. Take a look at some comments: