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Saturday, August 08, 2020

‘A declaration of war’: Restaurant’s banner on biryani policy has foodies locking horns online

A popular Pune restaurant's banner on Biryani Policy has desi food lovers across the country defending their own cuisine online, while owner says it was done with a sense of humour and "not targeting any culture".

Written by Shreya Das | New Delhi | Updated: July 27, 2020 7:42:38 pm
biryani, hyderabadi biryani, ancient hyderabad, pune restaurant biryani policy, viral biryani policy photo, best biryani debate, viral news, indian express The banner of the restaurant brand has started a serious food debate online, where people from each region are claiming theirs to the best biryani. (Ancient Hyderabad/ Facebook)

Among the many vehement wars waged on Twitter routinely is the one on food. One of the oldest in that category is over the biryani. This time around, the trigger is a banner of a popular Pune restaurant circulating online that has claimed everything else apart from Hyderabadi Biryani to be pulao. The photo has triggered a debate among biryani lovers with people from each region claiming theirs as the best even as others are miffed by the “food purist”.

The photo of the banner, which is being widely shared online, from Reddit to WhatsApp and other social media sites, is from a restaurant chain Ancient Hyderabad. Under ‘Biryani Policy’, the eatery has written: “All types of biryanis other than Hyderabadi Biryani will be referred to as pulao. Bombay and Pakistani biryani henceforth will be strictly called as Mutton masala rice.”

Remarking on the age-old controversy of aloo in biryani, the restaurant said: “Calling anything with aloo is illegal. Any rice potato mix will henceforth be called Batata wada rice.”

biryani, hyderabadi biryani, ancient hyderabad, pune restaurant biryani policy, viral biryani policy photo, best biryani debate, viral news, indian express The photo was shared on Reddit’s official India group and quickly spread across social media sites. (IamUMFA/ Reddit)

While people who love Hyderabadi cuisine agreed with their classification, supporters of Kolkata Biryani and those from Lucknow are fuming. Some from Kerala are disappointed that their biryani has failed to find even a passing mention and “never got the respect it deserved”. Many supporters of ‘veg’ (vegetable) biryani, too, were angry with the pulao analogy as those against it replied, “What’s a biryani without gosht”.

Check out some of the responses the photo got on Twitter.

As the photo went viral, reached out the restaurant in question to know more.

Ashok Parimi, the owner of the brand clarified that the banner is not currently outside their Pune outlet owing to Covid-19 lockdown but could be put back when things would normalise. Saying that they first placed the banner a year ago, most customers coming to the outlet didn’t disagree and thought it was funny as they all love authentic Hyderabadi and Andhra cuisine, which are their specialties.

The owner said that the banner was pun-intended and didn’t mean to hit out at any cuisine.

“We had the banner at one particular branch. We are a very strict Hyderabadi food lovers and you find all authentic Hyderabadi and Andhra food along with some north-Indian food but with a twist of Hyderabadi flavour. But yes the post is not targeting any culture. It is meant to enjoy Hyderabadi food with full heart,” he stressed.

Talking about the critics of the banner, he said that the customers who come to the restaurant were ‘mature’ enough to see the humour. “Most of them took it as funny post and most of Andhra and Hyderabadi people actually think it is correct,” he added.

As the photo continues to be shared on various platforms, the debate on various food culture and history too continues.

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