Video: India’s ‘man of steel’ takes a hammer to his privates in bizarre Guinness world record attempt

The man is a total rockstar! Isn't he?

By: Express Web Desk | Published: October 25, 2016 6:28:39 pm
Amandeep Singh is performing bizarre stunts to break World records Amandeep Singh is performing bizarre stunts to break World records

Meet Amandeep Singh. He is 34 years old and a resident of Haryana. He is also called India’s ‘Man of Steel’ because nothing seems to hurt him physically. In a few videos that have gone viral on the Internet, Singh can be seen getting kicked several times in his groin with a sledgehammer and that’s not all. He also let a car run over him and broke 50 beer bottles with his bare hands. In addition to that, he lifts his child using a rope held by his teeth and can stop bikes using just the strength of his arms.

The man is a total rockstar! Isn’t he?

And all this, to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. He claims to be to able to do over 3,000 types of stunts and has even participated in talent shows to exhibit his skill.

“I was easily lifting a man and a bike so I thought why not push myself a little and it worked after some practice. After such rigorous training, I don’t get hurt even if a car runs over my head. After years of hard work, I can do more than 3000 types of stunts. I am only expanding my horizon as a tough stuntman. I am always willing to do what people find impossible,” Singh told Daily Mail.

Reportedly, he started learning martial arts at the age of seven built his stamina and strength over the years. The man who wants to break 50 records is waiting for the Guinness Word Records team to come and verify his capabilities.

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He is also a teacher and trains thousands of students interested in learning the stunts he performs, but he says this all is not for the money. “It is just my zeal for the game that motivates me to go beyond my limits every time I do a stunt but there not much money to motivate young stuntmen to come forward and try this,” he was quoted as saying.

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