This woman’s random dating app match turned into a Bollywood-style love story

This woman’s random dating app match turned into a Bollywood-style love story

It is often difficult to find someone meaningful through online dating. So, when a woman found a match, who wanted to give a "full disclosure" first, she was least excited, only to regret her judgement later.

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Do you believe in online dating? This story will make you believe in it. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

If you are an avid online dating app user, you might be aware of how insignificant the random matches tend to be. So when Twitter user CocktailAmma got one such match, she never expected chatting with him would inspire her to the depths of her soul. It all started when her “random match” wanted to give a “full disclosure” before going on a date and she was predictably, least enthusiastic about it. But to her surprise, things didn’t turn out to be how she had imagined.

Narrating her story, she wrote how they started chatting in a series of tweets on the micro-blogging site. “Yesterday I started chatting with a lovely looking man on a dating app. We hit it off great & decided to exchange numbers. Before doing that he wanted to give me a full disclosure. I immediately thought he’s married & this is a waste of my time,” she tweeted.

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As this thread went viral on social media, Twitterati got a boost of inspiration from this story.

No matter how their love story turns out, isn’t the tale a great source of inspiration for the people who haven’t found the right one yet?