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Friday, July 20, 2018

Hungry Punjabi guy conveys woes to Zomato customer care exec, making for a hilarious conversation!

Pro tip: Talk to a frustrated customer in their mother tongue — half the battle won!

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 29, 2016 2:49:13 pm
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What do you do when you face trouble using a product? You obviously try to contact a customer care executive. While usually reaching out to the customer care guys does not always generate a solution (how many times have you heard – please restart the computer/app?), in cases when they do reply, what follows is a very formal exchange between the customer and the employee at the customer care centre.

But in a hilarious incident, two people managed to break through the polite and formal facade and just roll up their sleeves to solve the problem at hand. The binding force that brought them together? The love for good food and someone to talk to in your mother tongue. Pankaj Chaddah, the co-founder of Zomato recently shared screenshots of a conversation a Zomato user had with an executive and it is downright hilarious!

The user, who was facing problems locating food chains near New Ashok Nagar in New Delhi, approached a Zomato executive to guide him, and he did. He asked him to switch on the auto-locate option on the app, which the user had already done. So no go, there! The concerned executive then asked him to refresh the app, after which a hilarious conversation took centre stage! Frustrated, when the man started speaking in Punjabi, the customer care executive quickly switched to the same language, and it was like a saviour had been met (a tad bit of exaggeration aside). After all, a brother needs another in time of need!

That is how it started off.

The Punjabi tête-à-tête they had roughly translated to the executive advising the guy to update the app and ensuring proper service if he faced this problem again. The guy in reply told him that he had only recently updated the app, but he will do it again. He then thanked the executive and asked his name so he could give him a positive feedback in the review.

zomato1 (Source: Pankaj Chaddah/Twitter) zomato2 (Source: Pankaj Chaddah/Twitter) zomato3 (Source: Pankaj Chaddah/Twitter)

This is roughly how the Punjabi part went about:

Customer: Dude, I’ve done this many times but it’s not happening.

CC Executive: Ohho, man, I understand. But I hope you know it’s not in my hands. If you have this problem again, tell us so that we can talk to the restaurant and resolve the issue.

Customer: I understand, man. I just updated my app. Let’s see if the dumb thing can work now.

CC Executive: Update it again and tell me what restaurants it’s showing near you. I’ve gotta go now, but if you need us, just leave a message. :)

Customer: Yes, friend. I shall. But thanks a lot, ji!

CC Executive: No problem.

Customer: God bless.

CC Executive: You too. :)

Customer: Tell me your name so I can give you a good review during feedback.

CC Executive: :) My name is ____. :)

Customer: Ok ______. Thank you. You were really helpful. Cheers.

CC Executive: Cheers to you too ji :D

Yes, they bonded through a conversation beyond the formality of English. This is why we say we don’t need war and hostilities. Just some good food and someone to talk to in a familiar language. You have our hearts, guys. You do.

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