This Mumbai guy’s selling his ‘exclusive mobile phone’ on Facebook

This Mumbai guy’s selling his ‘exclusive mobile phone’ on Facebook

A guy tried to sell his phone and ended up winning the Internet with his rather wacky ad.

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This man’s ad for selling his phone is a genius, but we aren’t sure how many buyers did he get after that. (Source: Madhura/Twitter)

While scrolling through our news feed on Facebook and Twitter, we often happen to come across people posting advertisements. Now, these could range from anything raging from renting out a house or bikes to mobile phones. Owing to the general lack-lustre these advertisements have, more often than not, we continue with our scrolling business, not bothering to pause and look through them. Only that, this time, a guy trying to sell his phone, ended up winning the entire Internet with his rather wacky way of posting the ad.

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A classic case of what can be called ‘smart advertising’, Rohit Jaiswal posted an ad for selling his phone on a Mumbai Facebook page. The act itself is not very unusual, however, what he wrote was. The Mumbai guy was apparently selling his “exclusive mobile phone” at Rs 1,000. And just when your eyes would want to wander down to look at what Jaiswal’s “exclusive mobile phone” looks like, you will be in for a surprise. His advertisement to sell a phone, has no phone at all. Yep! Jaiswal had a reasoning for that too. In the postscript, he had written that there are no pictures of the phone as he was using it to take the picture. He had shown the length and width of the phone using his fingers in the picture, and said that it was exactly the same!

A Twitter user came across this brilliant piece of advertising and posted about it on the micro-blogging site, much to the delight of others.

We’re not sure whether anyone took him up on the offer, but at least we got quite a few laughs out of it.