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Monday, June 25, 2018

This man cycled for 8 months to find his missing wife, what happened next will make you believe in true love

" I first rubbed my eyes in disbelief. She was covered just in tatters, but it was her."

By: Trends Desk | Published: November 17, 2016 7:56:07 pm
Picture used for representational purpose Picture used for representational purpose

In a shocking report that has gone viral online, a Meerut-based daily-wage worker Tapeshwar Singh was looking for his wife Babita who had gone missing nine months ago and finally found her begging on the streets in Haridwar. The love story is so fantastic, that we won’t be surprised if it soon inspires a movie!

According to a Times of India report, Singh, a migrant from Bihar, had married Babita, who was mentally challenged, three years ago after her relatives left her in a dharamshala in Brijghat, UP. However, several months ago she went missing and Singh had no idea what to do next. Looking for her on a bicycle with posters of her, Singh tirelessly cycled the streets in the hope of finding her; on some days even without food and water.

To be fair, this is not the first time that a husband has cycled for miles with the hope of reuniting with his wife. Way back in 1978, a man pedalled across continents from Delhi (India) to Gothenburg (Sweden), for four months and three weeks, to reunite with his wife of three years. (Read his story here)

In Singh’s case, the wait was much longer, but the worry was greater. Eventually when the word spread, an acquaintance told him that a pimp had taken Babita for trafficking. Reportedly, he visited all the brothels in the area and found out that she was indeed brought to the red-light area, but the ‘deal’ couldn’t materialise because of her mental health. Singh even lodged an FIR and the police promised to help him, but couldn’t do much.

On November 13, Singh reportedly got a call from a man in Brijghat who said he’d seen Babita begging in Haridwar. Singh immediately followed suit, but couldn’t find her the whole day. In what could have been the climax of a hit Hindi movie, later in the evening, Singh finally spotted Babita sitting in tattered clothes.

“I first rubbed my eyes in disbelief. She was covered just in tatters, but it was her. Her sight almost paralyzed me. For eight months I had searched for her day and night. I spent every penny I had saved in the last decade on a journey that sometimes seemed futile. But there she was,” he told TOI.

Though could not independently verify the incident, the report has touched a chord with many across the world wide web, with people sharing Singh and Babita’s story as a testimony of true love conquering all.

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