This guy posted pictures on Facebook showing off his bike stunts and you won’t believe what happened next

This guy posted pictures on Facebook showing off his bike stunts and you won’t believe what happened next

You'll think twice before posting such pictures on Facebook after reading this.

He had no idea what's going to happen to him
He had no idea what’s going to happen to him

Often, youngsters who perform stunts using their cars and bike put it on their social media accounts to show how cool they are. But little did Mohammed Juber, a resident of Coles Park, Bengaluru, know that the pictures he posted online would land him in jail. Bangalore police saw the pictures and arrested him. Juber was performing wheely on his bike in Frazer town when the pictures were clicked. He has been granted bail now.

“Juber, 21 years, was spotted online, followed& arrested by @FtownTraffic for #wheeling u/s 283IPC, 183,184,189 MV Act [sic],” Bengaluru City Police posted on its official Facebook page.

In their effort to curb dangerous driving, the city’s police are trying to track down such people using social media. “Juber was taken into custody on Bakrid and has now been released on bail. We have seized his Suzuki Access (KA 03 JE 3946). DCP has taken special interest in the matter to take strict action against such stunt performers on streets. If people come across such performers on the streets, they can dial 100 or contact the police via Twitter,” Gopal Nayak, Police Inspector Traffic (Frazer Town) told International Business Times India.

But the police plan to introduce newer methods of keeping a check on such stunts. “Those involved in such stunts keep changing their vehicles and it is usually difficult to track them down. We have to try new ways of keeping them in check,” senior police officer Abhishek Goyal told NDTV.

While many are appreciating this act of the police, there are some who aren’t very happy about it and ask for proper infrastructure instead. “I am so glad that the Bengaluru Traffic police have finally decided to crack down on these offenders who put not only their lives, but the lives of other innocents, at risk,” writes a user. “When there no option for that, people will resort to practising on roads. Punishing without providing facilities is not something bearable,” writes another.

The arrest was made few days after 8-year-old Shiny Kiran died as she was pillion riding with her friend who performed a stunt.


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