This Facebook post about man serving free water at a Madhya Pradesh railway station will warm your hearts

'He stood by my window and gave water to around 10-15 people,' Raghav Gakhar wrote on Facebook.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 24, 2017 3:38:49 pm

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We often come across people during our day-to-day journeys who leave a mark on our lives. Maybe they helped an elderly cross the road or tend to a hapless animal in need — little deeds that remind us that humanity, after all, is not dead. If this Facebook post of a man is to go by, he came across a man who was serving free chilled water at Dabra railway station in Madhya Pradesh — proving how charity doesn’t require much, but just a good heart.

Speaking to, Raghav Gakhar, who clicked the picture, said the man was with a group of others and came running as he offered free water for all. Because the train stoppage was only for five minutes at the station, Gakhar said he couldn’t ask the man’s name or who he was.

Read the Facebook post here. 

“It is scorching heat in North India with temparature hitting as high as 40 degree C. While travelling from Delhi to Bhopal, I found this gentleman serving chilled water for free.

The train stopped at a station and he came in shouting, free water and good service to all. He stood by my window and gave water to around 10-15 people.

In today’s world, where we are after making money, he is doing something that inspires us all. May be he didn’t charge me a thing, but he has my blessings and good wishes for the life.

I salute him for his work.”

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