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Swachh Bharat: This Delhi-NCR auto driver offers free rides in return of a ‘promise’

Sachin Sharma has a unique way of sending across an important message loud and clear to others - we need to keep our environment and city clean.

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Are you game for free auto rides, in return of a simple favour? (Source: We Mean To Clean/Twitter)

As much as we click our tongues when we see somebody callously dirtying public spaces, more often than not we also don’t do anything about it. A Delhi-NCR auto driver has, however, taken it upon himself to spread the message of cleanliness loud and clear, and in a pleasantly unusual way.

According to a Times of India report, 37-year-old Sachin Sharma has attached a dustbin to rear-end of his autorickshaw in order to spread the message of cleanliness and hygiene. Also, he has a good bargain sorted out for the passengers to abide by this simple rule — he offers people free rides from 12am to 4am, provided people agree not to dirty their surroundings.

Cool, right?!

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Sharma takes people within the NCR and even painted his vehicle with slogans of the causes he support — ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhaao’, ‘Swachh Bharat, Swasth Bharat’, etc., are some of them. Reportedly, he specifically offers free rides to people who respect women, “promise” to ensure their surroundings are clean, and do one act of social service at least, a day.

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But he had his share of troubles as he worked towards making the city a cleaner and a better place to live in. He was told by his fellow drivers that the Delhi government will not allow him to attach a dustbin to the auto. So, he reportedly started placing it inside, and as soon as he entered Noida, reattached it. His support for the cause became so popular that he was a part of the awareness seminar organised by the transport department during the road safety week. When the officials came to know about his initiative, they were apparently impressed.

Sharma was disturbed by the drivers and passengers who would eat gutkha (tobacco), groundnuts and other things and throw the remnants on the road.  He wanted them to change this attitude, which is why he decided to embark on his unique cleanliness drive.