This child’s definition of patriotism is nothing less than inspiring

This child’s definition of patriotism is nothing less than inspiring

How would you define YOUR patriotism?

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This child wants people on both sides of the borders to keep aside differences. But is that so easy? (Source: Humans of Bombay/Facebook)

India is a country that has seen brave men like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sukhdev, etc., fight and lay down their lives for their country’s independence. Patriotism was the colour of their blood. Even today, there are people in India who showcase the same level of dedication and patriotism for their country. Only that, most times, it is seen during India-Pakistan cricket matches or if there’s Rang De Basanti running on TV.

And this is probably what requires a facelift. Probably, the definition of patriotism is different for each of us, but the Internet is fast falling in love with what a little child had to comment on people and their spirited love for their countries. Shared by Humans of Bombay — a popular Facebook page that documents the lives of people in the city — the child’s story is what many of us should be thinking over and over about.

This is what he said.

“Almost every other summer I’ve travelled to Hyderabad in Pakistan to visit my cousins. My mother’s side of the family lives there, so some of the best memories I have has been when my entire family comes together. My cousins and I play outside on the street all day and then run to get some pain puri…but you know didi, their puris are so big, they are like burgers!
Very often when we’re there, a cricket match between India and Pakistan will be going on so we will all sit on one side of the hall and my mother’s side sits on the other side. Everyone is only saying things like ‘oh that was a fluke shot!’ or now you watch ‘next ball is a wicket’ and going crazy cheering. But after everything, when the match is over and every possible comment has been made we sit together and share our food, laughing about everything under the sun. Sometimes I wish everyone could do that and forget about the differences….I wish it could be like that all the time.”

See the Facebook post here.

While people across the borders are finding reasons to dislike and spew hate on to each other, this child finding the differences blur in the simplest of things is nothing less than an inspiration.