These fabulous doodles present Delhi metro like never before

These fabulous doodles present Delhi metro like never before

These doodles show how you can add a twist to an otherwise boring photographs.

We all have felt like doing this at some point. (Source: MetroDoodle/Instagram)

You cannot escape the metro if you stay in Delhi. Often referred to as the lifeline of Delhi, metro connects the length and the breadth of the city, and is a lifesaver for the daily commuters. From office goers to students, everybody takes the metro to reach their preferred destination. But there is also a severe sense of boredom while one is in the metro. Apart from staring blankly at your fellow co-passenger, or idly glancing at your phone, there is nothing much one can do while in a metro. But considering that one spends a substantial amount of time in it, it was about only time that someone decided to do something with it. Samar Khan, who has an Instagram account with the handle MetroDoodle, is literally painting the city red.  A full-time software developer and freelance graphic designer, Khan, travels to and from work on the Delhi Metro and clicks pictures of the commuters only to give them a hilarious twist with his doodles.

You can see of the the artwork here.


Perhaps this is what goes inside the minds of the commuters.


If only life was this fun.



One cannot help but appreciate the artist’s creativity.


“It’s been three or four months that I started this to kill time and boredom in metro. Soon I started enjoying it. It was entertaining and also gave me the chance to practice and improve my skills this time that would have otherwise gone to waste. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device. Everything’s done on it,” Khan told, while recounting his journey.

Speaking about the recent recognition that he has been getting, Khan says, ” It feels great when you can put a smile on peoples face! This is the reason I try to put in some humour and cuteness in my creations.”