These ‘birth to death’ tweets to explain the ‘life’ are just too funny for words

When philosophising on life and death can be a hilarious affair.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 10, 2017 1:30:53 pm
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A little bit of wit, sarcasm and good sense of humour can take your graph on Twitter several notches up. Well, the social media networking platform is most known for its quirky jest, isn’t it? From politicians to celebrities and trolls, everyone is busy showing off their funny side! With so many memes, jokes and witticisms, a splurge of the top trends is all you need for entertainment these days.

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In case you missed it, there is a hilarious joke pattern doing the rounds of social media these days. With a story line beginning to elaborate on the “life of a…” person or thing, it goes on to speak of what happens between its birth and death which always has a comical twist to it. For example, Life of a YouTuber: Birth; Please like share comment subscribe; Death! Or, Life of a tall guy: Birth; Upar mausam kaisa hai?; Death. Aren’t they simply hilarious?

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Here are a few more jokes that will leave you in splits.

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But, that’s not all. Scenes from popular Bollywood movies are now being turned into hilarious memes. From ‘Rani Mukerji in coma’ to ‘Aishwarya Rai Bachchan holding a box of sindoor’ and from ‘Salman Khan’s Aisa Pehli Baar Hua Hai… dance scene‘ to ‘a scene from Baahubali 2‘ — Twitter is flooded with meme makers who can turn anything interesting into a rib-tickling situational joke.

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