The inspiring truth behind the viral video of the ‘fastest’ Pune bank cashier

The inspiring truth behind the viral video of the ‘fastest’ Pune bank cashier

The Internet mocked her for being slow, but Premlata Shinde, who has survived a paralysis stroke and two heart attacks, is an inspiration to many.

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She’s not the slowest, but an inspiration to many! (Source: Facebook)

We’ve been brought up with the adage, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, but rarely do we ever abide by it. Especially so in the instant Digital Age, when seeing anything that might not be ordinary immediately makes itself a viable candidate for online sharing – irrespective of the fact that the person sharing the content has the full story or not.

One such instance was when a Facebook user, who often seems to share viral videos, posted a video on October 24 with the caption ‘Fastest cashier in the world’. The video showed a lady cashier, in a Pune branch of the Bank of Maharashtra, handling a chash transaction in what may seem to many as a slo-mo. Except that, it wasn’t. The lady was actually moving very cautiously while doing her work.

The video, obviously uploaded in jest and as a mockery of her slow pace, got immediate online attention. In a matter of a few days, it was viewed millions of times and shared over hundreds of thousands of times. While initial reaction to the video seemed to be of a humourous vein, many posted angry comments at the cameraman, who filmed a woman doing her job just to make fun of her. To shed more light onto the matter, the lady in the video was identified as Premlata Shinde, a woman who has survived a paralysis stroke and two heart attacks, and just resumed her job. One such person who shared Shinde’s story was activist Kundan Srivastava, who wrote about her in a lengthy post on his Facebook page:

“These nonsense man (names withheld), shared a video on October 24, 2016 without having a little respect for women & senior citizen and criticized saying her ‘Fastest cashier in the world.’ spreads like a wildfire over 4.9 million views, 149,203 shares and 72k likes. HOW NONSENSE? I urge every human being, please share this video for the victory of good over evil. For that only we celebrate ‘Diwali’.
Let me tell the truth to all the brainless people who is making fun of her.
She is Premlata Shinde, retiring in Feb 2017 from ‘Bank of Maharashtra’, Pune. So far she has survived a paralysis stroke and 2 heart attacks. She had just resumed her duties after a prolonged duration of leave for treatment. She has enough leaves stocked up that she can avail them and continue getting paid at home till her retirement. But, she wants to finish her service period honorably. So her branch staff set up an extra cash counter just so she can work at her own pace while customers can continue getting the service at the usual counter.
But some unaware customer ended up at that counter and made this video. Also, her husband is no more and her only son lives abroad with wife and child and can only visit for limited duration. It is said that she has undergone most of her medical treatment by herself.
Hats off to all the women of our nation who are striving and working hard making all our lives and our nation move ahead.”

Here’s the video that went viral

Srivastava is now urging people to report the initial video so that people. Ironically though, there are people who have called out Srivastava for his comments, and even questioned if it was right for the bank to give her the job, when customers might be in a hurry. One user said, “Still it is rude of you to call people nonsense. When people go to bank, they have some need, or go there for some work or for whatever purpose., but they need their work to be done faster.”


The story behind the video stands testimony to the dark side of viral social media videos. But this video also poses another question – breach of privacy. That someone thought it acceptable to film a bank official and then share her video online to mock her is a much scarier problem that needs to be addressed.