WATCH: When Swami Om threw water on a news anchor, and other controversial videos

WATCH: When Swami Om threw water on a news anchor, and other controversial videos

After his exit from the Bigg Boss show, Swami Om was asked to be part of a panel several news channel debates, but he ended up creating a ruckus each time.

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Self-claimed godman Swami Om’s behaviour has been far from saintly.

Self-proclaimed godman and recently evicted Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om has been courting several controversies. Known for his indecency, abusive and sexist remarks, Swami Om had earlier, in September 2015, slapped a woman in a news channel show. His antics inside the Bigg Boss house are known to everyone. However, even after getting evicted from the show, Swami Om is still going controversially strong.

After his exit from Bigg Boss, he was asked to be part of a panel in two news channels and he created ruckus on both programmes. On January 12 in a show on News Nation, he got into a fight with the other panel member, and  Swami Om threw water on News World India’s anchor Naresh Soni.

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This was just one of the many instances where Swami Om’s theatrics on video made waves. Below are some of the most controversial videos featuring the Swami:


On News World India

After exiting Bigg Boss, Swami Om, who was called for an interview on News World India, threw water on the anchor Naresh Soni. This happened when the anchor accused him of resorting to indecent and filthy behaviour inside the Bigg Boss house.

On News Nation

On January 13, Swami Om was thrashed in a News Nation studio after he abused a woman. While the discussion was taking place, he was accused of nasty comments on women. A while later, a scuffle started between two members and eventually Swami Om was beaten.

On IBN 7

On September 2015, in another panel discussion in a news channel, astrologer Deepa Sharma, was infuriated by his sexist comments on woman and a scuffle broke between them where he ended up slapping her. Sharma went up to Baba Om Ji and smacked him on the shoulder talking about his lack of respect for woman.

Inside the Bigg Boss house too, Swami Om never missed a moment to insult women. He made lewd remarks at them on the basis of what they wore. However, when he went inside the pool with the female contestants, he said he was there to accompany his ‘daughters’.