Sona Mohapatra gives a befitting reply to troll who said she doesn’t have ‘chartbusters to her credit’

The singer's response struck a chord with many who said they love it when she performs.

By: Trends Desk | Updated: December 24, 2016 6:40:12 pm
Sona Mohapatra's response to a troll is spot on Sona Mohapatra’s response to a troll is spot on/ (Source: Facebook)

Singer Sona Mohapatra slammed Indian Institute of Technology in a Facebook post because they were allegedly sexist in their proposal to her for a performance at their annual festival Mood-Indigo. The organisers asked her to ‘get a man’ along so she can perform. In her post that went viral, she highlighted a larger trend of ‘big music festivals’ to follow the same practice of not having solo women performers as their headliners.

While there were many who lauded her to call out a sexist practice, there were some who took pot-shots at her and demeaned her as an artist. One of them was Facebok user Kaushik Choudhury who condescendingly asked her if she had enough ‘chartbusters’ in her kitty. Mohapatra gave it back to him in a another long Facebook post informing him and his likes that she doesn’t need ‘chartbusters’ to give a smashing concert.

“#SonaMohapatra, do you have enough number of chartbusters to your credit, to be able to run a THREE hour long programme on your own. And if you sing other songs, then why not team-up with those who originally sung them…” wrote the user.

The singer’s response struck a chord with many who said they love it when she performs. Here’s what he wrote.

This, amongst the many people trying to show me my ‘place’ after I wrote the first letter. Ignoring the abusive ones to reply to a few who are just kind of ‘un-informed’.
Mr Kaushik, I do understand the ignorance of your ‘lot’. You are confused about what makes for a fabulous 3 hour concert. Not a row of ‘block-busters’ for sure. I’ll try & explain in simpler terms that you might understand, we don’t go to a restaurant & order 10 plates of the ‘butter chicken’ or ‘paneer padanda’ just cus it’s the most popular dish on the menu! The roti, dal, salad other dishes & maybe even the cola drink play just as critical roles to providing a satisfying experience. It is pathetic that one needs to even bother explaining such simple matters to you. I would loathe comparing music & musicians & songs with food but your culturally bankrupt pea-brains leave me with no choice. To the other morons asking about a ‘duet’ on my show, not that you felt the need to ask the other boy artistes lineup about such but I do have a band member, who sings a few with me. What you & your lot actually wants is to go Bhaji-Tarkari shopping! You have replaced artists with aloo-pyaz in your minds. Your idea of a concert is actually an upgraded ‘orchestra/melody’ party of yore. It is the reason why you would rather have a row of singers put together with a bunch of musicians singing covers & ‘hits’. None of whom who actually play regularly or live with the band as such, mostly ‘put-together’ for a show for ‘clients’ like you under pressure. Nothing authentic is required for your fake lot so I guess you’d be happy with such.

So to answer your question, YES, I can & do deliver smashing 3 hour concerts with my band & my busy calendar outside of the college circuit confirms that. Most importantly, Mood I could barely ‘afford’ to pay my band members, let alone me. Insisting on Ram Sampath on top of that was a little shameless, don’t you think??

Another important lesson for you to learn : nothing should come for FREE. Especially not ‘entertainment’ & ‘music’ by professionals who have spent a lifetime honing their craft.
We do take up charity gigs & fund raisers for causes we believe in & back; entertaining your already ‘spoilt’ community is not one of them.
That you do not have female headliners in your festival for 30 years is the bigger malaise (No, one Asha Bhosle doesn’t count) but that you think you can have it ALL, for FREE is just plain silly & very greedy.

Go think hard before embarrassing yourself, your community, your institution & your upbringing before you write such dumb things.

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