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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sona Mohapatra gracefully hits back at being cyber bullied for criticising Salman Khan; post goes viral

Singer Sona Mohapatra received vulgar threats on Twitter for speaking up against Salman Khan for his infamous rape comment.

Written by Trusha Navalkar | New Delhi | Updated: June 30, 2016 11:43:50 am
Salman Khan rape comment, Salman Khan rape comment controversy, Sona Mohapatra, Sona Mohapatra cyber bullied, Sona Mohapatra's response to cyber bullies, social media viral Sona Mohapatra is unafraid of calling out celebrities on their mistakes and the hordes of cyber bullies that gang up in their support. (Source: Coke Studio @MTV)

Salman Khan was widely trolled on Twitter for his infamous rape comment. Everyone acknowledged that the comment was insensitive and trivialised sexual assault. Bollywood celebrities were mostly silent on the controversy, choosing to defend ‘bhai’, saying he didn’t really mean it. Those who did come out and voice a strong opinion on the issue were heavily cyber-bullied by Salman Khan’s fans online. One such person was Sona Mohapatra.

The singer received vulgar threats on Twitter for speaking up against Salman Khan. She wrote an incisive post on Facebook, sharing her experience and the fact she refuses to be scared by the ‘bully Bhai Bhakts’. Read her full post here.

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She started by saying how a simple sorry shouldn’t be so difficult to manufacture for “strategic self serving branding exercises”. “So difficult for his huge clan to put in a word to his digital agency to stop the bully Bhai Bhakts from vomiting incessantly? No. That would take away his ‘hero halo’,” she rued. She did add a disclaimer though, “‘Let daddy say sorry. I don’t have to. I’m privileged, have done this and worse many times before and on top of that the ‘masses’ thronging the theatres support me, my peers don’t tell me anything ..who cares about setting the right example to my stupid adoring mob?’ (this is me decoding his smirking, contemptuous expression & one liners since)”

Mohapatra — whose music has feminist undertones — refused to behave like a victim and insisted she is capable of handling the bullying. “The reason why I share this is to put a spotlight on yet another new age phenomena – CYBER bullying, armies of trolls (many employed & paid by digital agencies of the rich & powerful) who try & scare individuals, be it men or women,” she wrote.

She also elaborated on the fact that not everyone is as lucky as her. “Being the latter gender, a woman, with a voice, of course helps ignite the worst fires within our deeply rooted misogynistic, patriarchal society. The reason why I share this is also because I know that, not everyone is as blessed as me. Not everyone has a support system & family such as mine. Not everyone has a partner who is willing to weather a storm & be rock solid through the stress. I somewhere hope that this incident serves as some kind of eye-opener to us. To help put some checks & measures in place to weed out the rubbish amongst us,” she said about the struggles of victim of bullying.

Then she made a valid point, which everyone shied away from, “Why are we so tolerant of the bad boys of our world? Boys who refuse to grow up. Boys who encourage other boys to follow in their foot steps & carry their flag high.”

She ended the post on a positive note though, “I do think that we are in a path of change & BIG change in the coming years. This change will be brought about by men & women alike. All that thing to look forward this week. The season finale of Game Of Thrones…Woo Hoo!”

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