Here’s why this 100-yr-old woman in MP moved director Shekhar Kapur

Here’s why this 100-yr-old woman in MP moved director Shekhar Kapur

The elderly woman, who earns a living selling tea outside a bank in Madhya Pradesh, has got everyone talking on Twitter after film-maker Shekhar Kapur shared her story. Many are motivated by her resilience and outlook in life and have expressed a desire to meet and help her.

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Shekhar Kapur feels anyone who will spend some time with this woman will be “engulfed in her aura”. (Source: Express file photo/ Shekhar Kapur Twitter)

Wisdom comes from life’s experiences, and while some travel across the globe, there are other who can garner it sitting at one place their entire life — and that in itself can be quite motivating. Something similar happened to noted film-maker Shekhar Kapur when he was in Madhya Pradesh recently. He met a woman who was apparently a 100 years old, and it was her simplicity and wisdom that moved the renowned director-writer.

Sharing a photo of the woman on Twitter, who has not been identified, Kapur wrote how soul-searching is not about travelling far and wide physically. The elderly woman, who has been selling tea for about 50 years has amazing stories and that inspired Kapur. “She’s 100 years old. Served tea in the same spot for 50 years. Remembers serving Nehru tea too,” Kapur tweeted. And despite all her sufferings and poverty, she smiles and “jokes about her life”. Sharing how wonderful her stories would “engulf” one in her aura, he added, “I travel the world searching for myself. And she found herself right here.”

Twitterati loved the little anecdote and talked how such humility is a great virtue. As Kapur encouraged others to sit with her have a chat, there were a few who shared her location so it might be helpful. The woman sells tea out a nationalised bank in Khajuraho and the way Tweeple responded, it seems many are interested to join her for a chat.

Check out some of the reactions his anecdote garnered: