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‘Sanju’ trailer: Ranbir Kapoor’s dialogue about Sanjay Dutt’s life is now a HILARIOUS meme

'Sanju' trailer: Ranbir Kapoor tells Anushka Sharma in one scene: "308 tak yaad hai (I can remember up to 308 of them)." The dialogue is now a funny meme, and Twitterati are obsessed with it.

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Watched the Sanju trailer yet? Do you have a funny meme for this dialogue by Ranbir Kapoor? (Source: Twitter)

Ranbir Kapoor has got into the skin of Sanjay Dutt in his much-awaited biopic Sanju, which has been directed by Rajkumar Hirani. While the posters and stills are already living up to the hype, the trailer seems to have blown many minds. There’s no denying that Kapoor’s looks and acting skills are raking in much critical appreciation from all across the globe — now, cut to social media (especially Twitter), and there is no stopping the meme-makers either.

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No sooner did the filmmakers release the trailer online, it was nothing short of a festival as people started posting a series of stills, twisting it in different contexts and turning them into fun one-liner puns. Now, another dialogue from the movie has grabbed many eyeballs and become the fodder for jokes and witticisms.

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In one scene, Anushka Sharma asks Kapoor how many women he has slept with and he responds with “308 tak yaad hai (I can remember up to 308 of them).” Quite a hysterical scenario, isn’t it? Well, it is now a new meme format that has got Twitterati hooked. While one user captioned it, “Pure saal me kitne paise karch kiye tumne?” another one wrote, “Interview to CA: Kitne attempts ke baad CA bane ho?”

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Check out other hilarious reactions on the micro-blogging site here.

Pull up your creative sock already and send us your favourite memes from the trailer, won’t you?