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‘India is sick with hate’: Comedian Aditi Mittal takes a potshot at Rishi Kapoor’s abusive DMs

Comedian Aditi Mittal decided to call out Rishi Kapoor for his abusive behaviour online. While many backed her, others felt she should have looked at the troll's tweet in which he called Rajkumar Hirani a "scum".

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Rishi Kapoor sent a direct message to a troll who called the Sanju director Rajkumar Hirani a ‘scum’. (Source: File Photo)

Ranbir Kapoor is back in the news mostly for all good reasons — right from his upcoming movie Sanju, which is all set to release on June 29, and the rumours about his ‘new relationship’ with Alia Bhatt. However, his father — veteran actor Rishi Kapoor seems to have been cast in a negative light yet again — for his “rude” and “abusive” DMs on Twitter.

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The 65-year-old actor created quite a buzz by sending a hateful message to a person named Rajat — with Twitter handle @ClassicFergie — who criticised the upcoming film Sanju. “I’m stunned at that new Sanju trailer. Such a blatant attempt to clean up Sanjay Dutt’s image. A criminal is a criminal. That too who was involved in bombings in a city. Raju Hirani is absolute scum (sic),” his tweet read.

Reacting to his opinion, the veteran actor sent an abusive direct message to the man, who had called the Sanju director Rajkumar Hirani a “scum”. “What do you know of cinema you prick? We are in the entertainment business not repairing anybody’s image,” he wrote.


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But, this time comedian Aditi Mittal decided to call out the senior actor for his abusive behaviour. In her tweet, she wrote, “Rishi Kapoor keeps abusing people online, and every news and entertainment portal keeps covering his movies and interviews as if this kind of behaviour is NORMAL.”

Not only did she question his behaviour, she also went on to wonder why no one in the Bollywood industry questions the actor’s behaviour. “While promoting his “102 not out” film with master creeper @SrBachchan NOT ONE outlet had the guts to ask him about if he’s ok with embarrassing himself in DMs on Twitter. Coz apparently this is the kind of behaviour expected from these heroes. India is sick with hate & misogyny. “Why does no one in the film community call this out? Because it’s Rishi Kapoor?” she also wrote.

The post by Mittal got much support on social media. While some suggested filing a complaint against Rishi Kapoor, others wondered why Mittal was even expecting “expecting the #bollywood community to show some spine and stand up for something”. Here are some of the other reactions the tweet garnered:

However, some also wondered why Mittal was not looking at the troll’s comment, in which he name-called the director.

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