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Race 3: Sylvester Stallone sends ‘best wishes’ to Salman Khan with Bobby Deol’s photo; angers Twitterati

Recently, Salman Khan had shared a video of Sylvester Stallone for 'Creed 2'. Perhaps, in his bid to return the gesture, Stallone shared a poster of 'Race 3' tagging Khan but featuring Bobby Deol.

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Salman Khan had recently shared Sylvester Stallone’s video on Twitter. (Source: officialslystallone/Instagram)

Salman Khan’s upcoming film Race 3 is about to hit theatres and his fans seem to be quite excited. Khan, himself, has been keeping his fans busy by sharing posters from the film. Recently, he also shared a video of Sylvester Stallone, where the Hollywood actor was heard talking about his film Creed 2. Now it seems like Stallone, in his bid to return the gesture, shared a poster of Race 3 and wrote, “The very best wishes to very talented film hero SALMAN KHAN For his next film RACE 3” and even tagged Khan.

While the gesture is laudable, people on social media are rather intrigued with the photo Stallone shared. While he is extending his wishes to Khan, it is Bobby Deol, who features in the photograph shared by the Rambo actor. As Deol also features in Race 3, it could be that Stallone was extending his wishes to the entire cast of the team, but people on social media didn’t take it lightly. Taking digs at his confusion, many people urged him to change it.

This is the what Stallone shared. 

Although they were impressed with Stallone’s gesture, people called him out for what they thought was a mistake. While some told him very earnestly that it was a wrong picture, and even shared Khan’s poster for the Creed 2 star’s convenience, others were not so helpful.

One wrote,  “This is not not salman khan’s pic u r just confused by the same sun glasses,” another wrote, “Well maybe Stallone is ashamed of writing bobby deol.” “There is a chance that he is trolling Salman Khan,” some said. However, there were also some who tried to reason. While one said, “big deal if he posted bobby’s pic..Isnt he a part of #Race3 as well…!!!” another wrote, “No issues if the poster you posted is of another co actor..we got what u wanna say sir. Love”.

Here are some of the reactions.




Some tried to reason with why he had posted the picture.

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