Please go out with my girlfriend, but these rules apply: Boy to comedian Kanan Gill

The contents of the message are hilarious and you have to read what the boy wrote.

By: Express Web Desk | Published: August 24, 2016 4:12:41 pm
This is what Kanan Gill received in his inbox This is what Kanan Gill received in his inbox

The Internet is a funny place. The kind of bizarre things you’ll find here might have the capacity to leave you flabbergasted on a regular basis. You must have seen all the weird videos captioned “creepiest disease” or “saddest story ever” asking you to type amen, the crazy memes, trolls and, of course, the DMs and other messages folder on Twitter and Facebook qualify as the most other-worldly of all. The moment you open them, you might end up finding a gazillion messages that will make no sense, make you laugh, cringe, annoyed, and what not.

Stand-up comedian Kanan Gill experienced something similar when he opened one of his messages. Given his fan following, it would not be surprising for him to receive requests from women who would want to date him or meet him, but receiving a message from a boy requesting the comedian to go out with his girlfriend definitely came as a surprise.

Gill shared a screenshot of a message he claims to have received. The contents of the message are hilarious and you have to read what the boy wrote.


This might sound awkward and you have no idea what amount of balls and descend in self respect it took to type it all the way till the end

My girlfriend is sadly a huge fan and she has her birthday this sunday

So, i ll just say it… WILL YOU GO OUT WITH HER?

The deal is not so easy

Certain rules here:

1) you have to maintain atleast one arm distane (distance) at any given point of time
2) no flirting (read this twice)
3) mention my name atleast once throughout
4) Fine!! I’ll pay the bill
5) if seated. Sit in front not next to her
6) any touching except 5 second hand shake is prohibited

While sharing the screenshot, Gill acknowledged that such offers only come as the fruit of years of hard work! “If you work hard for years and believe in yourself, one day you too can get insane messages,” he wrote.

Well, if he really received the message, the boy will most likely be showered with love from his girlfriend because of the self-sacrificing effort he has put in making her happy. And if Gill actually agrees to meet her, this is one birthday she’ll never forget!

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