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Oh wow! Piers Morgan just thanked Virender Sehwag! Here’s why

We love that Piers Morgan and Virender Sehwag have begun the year on a civil note, but hope the repartees don't stop!

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The conversations between Piers Morgan and Virender Sehwag were definitely part of our best moments on Twitter in 2016.

It would be safe to say that last year, we were all introduced to a whole new side of former cricketer Virender Sehwag thanks to Twitter. Undoubtedly, Sehwag has emerged as a social media star all through 2016 thanks to his wit, snark and amazing sense of humour. He’s part of the rare breed of celebrity trolls who manage to pull someone’s leg with such finesse that you can’t even get mad at them.

And let’s not even get started on the ‘Sehwag brand of birthday wishes’. There can be none other, and we’re not being biased here.

Moreover, last year we also saw the genesis of the surprising and extremely entertaining ‘Twitter relationship’ between the cricketer and British journalist Piers Morgan. What started with a jibe at India’s performance at the Rio Olympics turned into a series of repartees enjoyed by one and all, with both Morgan and Sehwag trying to get the better of each other every time.

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Such is the entertainment value of the digs the two take at each other, that tweeple started tagging Sehwag if Morgan made a comment on anything related to sports or India, and tagged Morgan when there were would be any reference to England and sports, especially cricket. And though we knew all these quips were probably in good humour, a recent tweet by the British journalist proves just that.

On December 31, Sehwag asked his followers to tweet their best moments with him. “Tweet the best moments you had with me this year. How did I contribute to joy in your life ? Please share tweet screenshots, moments u liked”, he said. A flurry of replies followed, with fans and trolls tweeting out thwie favourite tweets and pictures with/of the cricketer.

Of these, the one that stood out was a tweet by Piers Morgan himself, and we loved the year-end good humour in it. “You got me trending in India for days & 1000s of new followers. Thanks mate”, replied Morgan.


This was obviously received quite joyously by Sehwag fans. While some trolled him yet again, others were more ‘forgiving’. Sehwag himself had a very humble response: “Cheers! India has a big heart . Enjoy !”


Well, as much as we appreciate the mutual admiration club that’s going on here, we certainly hope the repartees don’t stop in 2017.