Twitterati is busy giving captions to this photo of PM Narendra Modi, and they’re hilarious

Twitterati is busy giving captions to this photo of PM Narendra Modi, and they’re hilarious

WARNING: You might start getting nightmares of the disapproving Math teacher from school, again!

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This photo of the PM has got the Internet talking. (Source: Lok Sabha TV)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent ‘one-man show’ in Parliament was quick to become fodder for the Internet to feed on. While he continued with his jibes at Rahul Gandhi and Akhilesh Yadav’s SCAM, he also did not forget to vehemently justify the demonetisation of higher value currency that he had implemented in November 2016. And it seems, his “dharti maa rooth gayi hongi” remark is also going to go down in history as one of his most epic ones yet. But the ever-giving place that the Internet is, now social media users, especially those on Twitter, have found a certain photo of the PM and is going to town giving it hilarious captions.

The photo shows PM Modi standing with a stern look, and if you look a little longer, you’ll agree that it seems the same disapproving look that you garnered aplenty, in school, from your teachers. It is also the exasperated look that mothers across the world give their children. There’s, however, no stopping Twitterati on the Indian online space who have come up with other hilarious interpretations of the look as well. Once you read them, you will probably begin to believe that these just could have been the PM’s exact thoughts.

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Sample some of the hilarious photo captions here.

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