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‘Mutton or Me’: Vegetarian husband asks wife to choose after realising she’s ‘secretly’ eating meat

A vegetarian man wrote to a columnist and asked advice about his wife who refuses to give up mutton.

mutton or husband, man asks wife to choose meat or him, mutton or love, viral news, odd news, funny news, indian expressPeople on the internet were just as conflicted like the man and had different opinions in the matter.

While food wars are common on social media and on TV channels, it is rare that your two square meals end up destroying your relationship. However, netizens were left in splits after a vegetarian man wrote to an agony aunt column, saying that his wife refuses to give up meat.

In a newspaper clipping that has gone viral, the man shared that his wife enjoys eating meat outside home. Although he was aware of her fondness for mutton before they tied the knot, she had promised to give it up after their wedding. However, he recently found out that his spouse continues to “secretly” eat meat.

“Since she was very beautiful, I agreed to marry her on the condition that she will never have mutton again anywhere,” the man wrote. “Now she says she love mutton and can’t live without it,” the husband complained. The man continued that he has decided to forgive her for her wrongdoings once, and has given her an ultimatum: “It’s mutton or me”.

However, the distressed man wrote to the columnist that he fears that his wife may choose mutton over him.

Although the answer by the columnist is not visible in the clipping, the writer said the man has created a new record as it was the first time they came across a love triangle involving a man, a woman and a goat!

While most found the situation to be ‘unreal’, others said it is seriously a hard choice to make.

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First published on: 02-12-2021 at 17:29 IST
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