This Mumbai University textbook seems to have a ‘high-spirited’ explanation for an abstract problem!

This Mumbai University textbook seems to have a ‘high-spirited’ explanation for an abstract problem!

'Today we'll learn what artificial intelligence is.'

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MU apparently has a rather different way of teaching its students, it seems. (Source: s1ddh4nt/Imgur, File Photo)

Education, undoubtedly forms an important part of everyone’s upbringing. While our schools and colleges have more or less made sure we get a holistic understanding of our lessons, many of these concepts that were foisted upon us in class actually boggled our minds. This was in spite of our teachers’ efforts to simplify and make us understand the lessons better. But it seems, a Mumbai University textbook reportedly took ‘simplification of concepts’ a tad too far and had a rather unusual explanation of ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

For the uninitiated, artificial intelligence is the development of computers and similar systems to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. This includes voice and speech recognition, visual perception, decision making, etc.

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But if s1ddh4nt — a Reddit user — is to be believed, then this is probably how the concept has been explained to students at the university:


“Now think a result to the abstract problem: The path from Thane to Nashik to Ahmad Nagar to Kopargaon to Vinchur. This abstract solution matches to a large number of more elaborate paths. For example, we could drink beer between Nashik and Ahamad Nagar, and then smoke pot for the rest of the trip, although this may add to the distance, since we forgot where we were going, but didn’t care anyhow.”

(Source: s1ddh4nt/Imgur)
(Source: s1ddh4nt/Imgur)

While could not independently verify the existence of the said book, if it’s true, there is no denying that it’s one out-of-the-box way to teach kids!