Mumbai Police’s confusing puzzle has got Twitterati hooked; can you spot the difference?

Mumbai Police’s confusing puzzle has got Twitterati hooked; can you spot the difference?

Mumbai Police got Twitter users to identify what's missing in one of the pictures to send out another social message. Can you spot the difference? Check out the confusing puzzle here.

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Can you spot the difference between the two pictures Mumbai Police posted? (Source: MumbaiPolice/Twitter)

From witty tweets to current affairs, Mumbai Police mostly manage to create a buzz with their posts. Whether it was their version of the ‘Ghar se nikalte hi’ meme-fest or the recent #SafetyFirst tweet, they have spread the word about road safety and traffic rules among Twitter users through quirky pop culture references. To send another important message, the Twitter account came up with a fascinating “spot the difference” challenge for their followers.

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Tweeting out two similar images with the caption, “Sometimes the slightest difference in your surroundings can lead to major odds! Don’t take a chance #Dial100,” Mumbai Police has asked people on the Internet to identify what’s missing in one of the pictures, even though both the images are extremely similar. The aim of the tweet is to highlight that one difference that can make all the change. So, can you spot the difference?

Many people were quite impressed with the tweet and even praised the handle for coming up with innovative ways of spreading awareness. While some comments read, “Very smart way of educating people,” others were busy deciphering the brain-teaser. Couldn’t solve it? Check out the tweets below for the answer.

This tweet clearly caught the attention of Twitterati. What d you have to say about this tweet? Tell us in the comments below.