Don’t be Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible while driving, warns Mumbai police through this social media post

Don’t be Tom Cruise of Mission Impossible while driving, warns Mumbai police through this social media post

With a message on road safety, the Mumbai Police used Tom cruise from his latest Mission Impossible film to warn bikers attempting stunts on road or riders travelling without helmets. Mumbaikars agreed saying it's impossible to do it for potholes.

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Many lauded Mumbai Police for contextualising topical and trending things by giving it meaningful twist. (Source: Mumbai Police/ Twitter)

Managers of Mumbai police’s Twitter handle have always used social media effectively to convey messages about serious issues like road safety, online stalking, fake news among other things. From buzzing memes to online challenges like the #InMyFeelings video, they never shy away in giving a meaningful twist to things that get people talking. And as Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible Fallout released recently, the Mumbai police used a clip from the spy thriller to send across a message on road safety.

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The video clip shows Tom Cruise riding a two-wheeler in his charismatic style, but without a helmet. The cops have used the footage to warn adventurous bikers who may want to attempt similar stunts. Urging that “safety is possible”, they again showed an example of brilliant wordplay and underlined that such attempts are “definitely mission impossible.” Urging citizens to avoid rush driving, they added, “Not an impossible mission for us to penalise you if you are spotted trying these stunts on the roads of Mumbai! That’s the job. No hard feelings.”

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It seems the message clicked with Twitterati and particularly those from Mumbai can’t agree more. Mumbaikars echoed that definitely, it’s mission impossible in Mumbai but not for fine but owing to depleting condition of the roads and potholes.

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