Mumbai Police shows trolls once again why they are not to be messed with, specially on Twitter

Mumbai Police shows trolls once again why they are not to be messed with, specially on Twitter

Mumbai Police had the most dignified reply to a man who asked them to mind their own business.

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Mumbai Police advocated a noise free-Diwali and this is how a Twitter user responded. (Source: PTI)

With Diwali celebrations having recently ended, people in India’s major cities woke up to breath the hazardous, post-festivities air. The pollution levels reportedly exceeded 40 times over the considered safe limits. Like every year, people in the country decided to burn crackers and enjoy fireworks as part of the celebrations, in spite of the ever-rising environmental concerns raised every now and then.

While Delhi government requested people to celebrate a cracker-free Diwali, Mumbai Police decided to wish everyone a safe Diwali by endorsing a noise-free, pollution-free celebrations. They tweeted: “Festivals are meant to spread cheer, not anxiety & fear #NoisePollutionFreeDiwali”.

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The tweet, however, was met with a rather nasty and untoward comment by a user who decided to advise the Mumbai police to mind their own business! It seems the user thought he was well in his place to tell the officers of law what their duty was. But what he probably did not anticipate, was that he’ll get a dignified response from the other end. The Mumbai Police’s Twitter page gave the user, a piece of their mind, when they quoted the law to him – and how!

Mumbai Police won hearts with this single tweet, all the more because of the utterly gentleman-manner they responded.



And this is not the first time that Mumbai Police has used the social media to ensure law and order. Earlier, the Twitter handle took instant action after being alerted by someone’s Facebook post about how her friend was molested by an Uber driver and the person/people handling the account have often shown a keen sense of humour and sharp wit while posting online.