This Amitabh Bachchan-lookalike chose to drive an autorickshaw over a desk job, and he’s been happy ever since

'I’ve travelled all over the world for my photography— London, Africa, Dubai and when they ask me what I do — I proudly say I drive an auto rickshaw in Bombay.'

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: October 24, 2016 1:00:53 pm
humans of bombay, how to be happy, the key to happiness, pursuit of happiness, mantra of happiness, how to be happy amd content, how to stay happy and positive, hope and happiness, how to get over depression and pursue happiness, indian express, indian express news This man took a simple U-turn in life and found the happiness he was looking for. (Source: Humans of Bombay/Facebook)

While there are people everywhere trying to figure out the way to true happiness, there are others who have found the key to eternal bliss in the most mundane of things. And it might come as a surprise to many, because unlike what a lot of people think, money and job security are not what many think the key to happiness are.

It goes true for this man too, whose story was shared on the popular Facebook page, Humans of Bombay. He might look a little too familiar to many. Those who are quick enough will even recognise him as a look-a-like of Amitabh Bachchan. He talked about leaving behind a job he had no passion for and then taking up photography, something he is happy to do while he rides his autorickshaw and meets new people.

Read the post here.

“I used to work at Hindustan Unilever, but the concept of a 9-5 job got too mechanical for me. There was nothing wrong with the company, but I hated the monotony to the point where I was unhappy. One morning, I woke up and quit. I didn’t really have a plan, but I knew I was passionate about a lot of things like meeting new people, photography and sketching. I didn’t want to be confined to a space… I wanted to be free so I purchased this auto rickshaw a few months later because I knew I would be able to meet all kinds of people and have the time to stimulate my creativity. Ofcourse I worked hard — sometimes I worked more than 12 hours a day but I was thrilled — I was getting to see so many new people and learnt photography from studios all over Bombay.
That was 40 years ago, and to some this profession is demeaning but to me it’s the best job in the world. I’ve combined my passions in so many ways — I click photos of my passengers, I write and paint. I’ve travelled all over the world for my photography— London, Africa, Dubai and when they ask me what I do — I proudly say I drive an auto rickshaw in Bombay. After hearing that I’ve completed my MSC and speak fluent English, people often ask me why I continue to drive an auto and to that I’ll say only one thing. Happiness is something that no amount of money can ever buy, and once you know have that you’re the richest person in the world— and that’s how I feel. I feel on top of the world, every single day.”

This is the Facebook post.

This guy has managed to achieve what many of us spend our entire lives pursuing. Maybe finding happiness with less is really what we should explore more often.

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