Meet the Mumbai couple, who is running a food stall to support cook with paralysed husband

Meet the Mumbai couple, who is running a food stall to support cook with paralysed husband

As they knew the woman would not accept any financial help from them, preserving her self-esteem, they thought it was best to use her skills and to help her earn money in a respectable way by setting up a food stall.

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The couple runs the stall before going to work everyday. (Source: Deepali Bhatia/ Facebook)

In our everyday lives, without the assistance and help of our daily helps many of us might feel a little lost. But how far will you go to help them in their time of crisis? Well, a Mumbai couple just went all out and helped their cook run a food stall as her husband recently fell ill and ended up being paralysed.

Looking for some breakfast on Gandhi Jayanti, Mumbai resident Dipali Bhatia spotted a food stall outside the Kandivali West railway station. A couple managing the stall had fresh offerings like upma, poha, idlis, parathas among other things. After sampling some of the food from the menu, Bhatia was intrigued why a couple who seem to belong to well-to-do family was selling food on the streets, so, she asked and came across “one of my most inspiring act of kindness”.

The couple, who both work for private firms, was only selling breakfast to help their cook, who was going through a hard time. Talking to Bhatia, the couple said they were selling food cooked by their 55-year-old cook whose husband is paralysed. According to the post, as the cook doesn’t have any proper financial aid at this age, the kind couple runs the breakfast stall from 4 am to 9:30 am before going to work.

Moved by the touching tale, she shared the story on Facebook along with a photo of the duo and the stall.


The couple behind the act of the kindness is Ashwini Shenoy and her husband Ankush Nilesh Shah. The couple, who have had the cook for just three months since August this year, decided to set up the stall themselves after brainstorming a few respectable ways to help her.

“As we know our cook, she has got her own self-esteem and she wouldn’t have accepted any financial help directly from us. Neither did we want to do that, she is very hardworking and has got an amazing taste to whatever she cooks. We thought why not put up this idea to her and see her response. As soon as we proposed this to her she readily accepted the offer,” Shenoy told sharing how this initiative was started by the duo in their late 20s.

Running the stall only for about 10-12 days, the woman says, she didn’t anticipate such overwhelming response and positive feedback from everyone. Dubbing it the “power of social media”, the woman in an email interview added, “when used for a good cause can help gain tremendous success.”

After Bhatia’s post went viral, many have reached out to them to offer help and with such support the duo also hopes they can turn this one-time initiative into a model to help other talented women. “A lot of people have reached out to us with an intention to help by giving us food orders which can help maximize her income. Going ahead we would love to create a team of such ladies and set up maybe a small griha udyog and cater to larger and diverse audiences,” she added.

Although it’s too soon to comment about the business making any profits, the woman confirmed that the cook will be handed out the money she deserves. “We are still in the infancy stage, we have to work upon a lot of things before we can come down to an exact figure which we shall be giving her. However, we have committed to her that she would get the money she deserves for the efforts and hard work she is putting in and she has trusted us on that.”

The heartwarming gesture touched many online and they showered love and praise on the couple for their amazing act of kindness.