How Twitterati reacted to Anil Ambani paying Rs 500 cr with his brother’s help

How Twitterati reacted to Anil Ambani paying Rs 500 cr with his brother’s help

Anil Ambani said, “My sincere and heartfelt thanks to my respected elder brother, Mukesh, and Nita, for standing by me during these trying times, and demonstrating the importance of staying true to our strong family values by extending this timely support.”

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It’s raining memes and jokes online after elder brother Mukesh Ambani helped his younger brother Anil in Ericsson case.

Meeting the four-week deadline set by the Supreme Court to avert a jail term for its chairman Anil Ambani, Reliance Communications (RCom) said Monday it had paid Rs 550 crore and interest to Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson. Following the payment, Anil thanked his brother Reliance Industries Limited chairman, Mukesh, for his “timely support”.

The deadline for RCom to make the final payment was March 19. The Supreme Court had warned Anil that he would face three months jail if its orders were not followed.

On social media, users were amused by the ease with which Anil was able to get Rs 550 cr, and remarked about the benefits of having a brother who is the richest Indian.

Ericsson had dragged Ambani to court after RCom failed to clear its dues. In 2014, Ericsson had signed a deal with RCom to operate its nationwide telecom network.

After RCom failed to pay Ericsson, it moved an insolvency petition in the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) to recover pending dues of Rs 1,150 crore — it was admitted in May last year.