MS Dhoni’s brilliant ‘blind’ run-out leaves Twitterati in awe (with a funny bone!)

MS Dhoni’s brilliant ‘blind’ run-out leaves Twitterati in awe (with a funny bone!)

You don't want to miss MS Dhoni's magic.

MS Dhoni lauded for his 'blind' performance
MS Dhoni lauded for his ‘blind’ performance

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a legend and we all know that. His cricket is pure magic and he proved it yet again yesterday during India’s fourth One-Day International against New Zealand at his home-town Ranchi. He caught the ball from Dhaval Kulkarni and without even looking at the stumps, hit the ball on point. Ross Taylor out!

Soon video clips of the Indian captain’s amazing run-out was shared widely on social media platforms. In fact, this video of Dhoni sweeping his magic went viral on social media especially after BCCI tweeted it with the caption, “Watch the Mahi magic on loop #INDvNZ”. And in case you thought this was a one-off thing, think again! Believe it or not, the skipper pulled an equally amazing stunt just earlier this year against Bangladesh when he manages a Usain Bolt-like dash to run out Mustafizur Rahman on March 23. In fact, according to reports, Dhoni ran 13m in 2 seconds, which is faster than the fastest man on Earth!

So, not many were really suprised that Dhoni could pull off hitting the stumps without so much as a glance. Legendary, you say? Well, Twitterati concur. Much like the March run-out, when the Net was full of Dhoni-Bolt memes and jokes, this time around there was an equal amount of buzz as well.

And that’s twice in two days, mind you! Just a day before, Dhoni had created quite a stir online because of a fabulously timed photo that had gone viral. It was the wicketkeeper driving his Hummer like a boss, as New Zealand players gawked at him and his ride from the official bus just beside it.


But we digress, let’s revel in Twitterati’s celebration of Dhoni’s ‘blind’ run out first. Sample these:

After all this, if you’ve got the sudden urge to admire the man in action yet again, here’s a video clip:

And, like we said, just a day ahead of the match, Dhoni’s picture driving his hummer while the Kiwis gawking at him went viral. The team was in Dhoni’s hometown Ranchi for the ODI and travelling on a bus while he rode his Hummer. The reaction of New Zealand Players was priceless. That’s what we call jaw-drop. And here’s how Twitterati enjoyed that.

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Have something to add to the story? Tell us in the comments below.