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Mother’s Day 2019: Meet the YouTube moms who have perfected the art of maintaining a work-life balance

This Mothers Day, take a look at how YouTube has become a popular medium for many moms to earn money while looking after their child.

mothers day, youtube, work life, working moms Have you seen the supermoms on YouTube yet?

A dilemma that most women face after marriage is whether to stay at home and look after the child or continue working towards their career. Household responsibility, parental pressure and taking care of the child makes a number of women leave their jobs, while others struggle to maintain the work-life balance. With technology opening up more avenues, YouTube has become a popular medium for many mothers to earn money while looking after their child.

Following their passions and gaining more financial independence, these mothers have perfected work-life balance by picking YouTube to showcase their skills.

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika’s channel, with 7 million subscribers, is full of Indian vegetarian recipes. Aged 60, she is one of the oldest YouTubers in India and prides at overcoming the technical challenges she faced due to her age. “My family has been extremely supportive. My husband initially helped me to create videos as well,” she says.

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She started her channel in 2009, but started working on it only in 2011. Being a working mother has given her strength, confidence and independence. Although she started her YouTube channel when her children had grown up, she has always been a working mom. “There were times when my kids would come to an empty house, but I always got support from them. Children now are pretty independent and more secure than earlier generations,” she says.

While YouTube has given her an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, she believes that one should invest time in their family when the children are still young. “Make sure they do their own tasks and are not too dependent on you. Soon you will have enough free time to pursue whatever you want.”

Mom Com India

In January 2017, when Mansi Payet was in her third trimester, she realised the lack of content for Indian parents, which made her start a YouTube channel that focusses on the journey to parenthood. With her new-born Kabir adding to the work pressure, it became almost impossible for her to share real-time experiences, but in over two years, she has managed to gain 801k followers.

“The only way it’s possible is when you have a strong support system, which I got in my husband.” Payet also includes her husband in a number of videos to give the audience a “parents view” and not only a “mothers View”. Her channel caters to everything a couple embarking the journey to parenthood would want to know.


While she believes that YouTube has empowered her and helped her in providing financial aid, as a YouTuber mom, the biggest challenge is ‘changing the mindset of people’. “We still live in a world full of myths and superstitions especially when it comes to pregnancy and babies.” But her only advice to all the mothers would be to be put in more efforts in the initial years of the child and it will become easier in future.  


Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti Anand started her channel only after she shifted to the US. Passionate about fashion and beauty, the 34-year-old decided to give wings to her love in 2011.

Anand has seven YouTubers in her family and they always find room to support and help each other. Although she did not have expertise in the field, she has managed to gain 3.7 million subscribers. “It was not difficult to manage my channel, my household and my daughter. Everyone was very supportive,” she says.


Her journey has been an inspiration for other women and she believes in being ‘an example for your child’. “My pushing myself to excel in this field is to ensure my daughter is proud of what I am doing and is motivated to excel in the field of her liking!”

Ritu’s Dance Studio

A former Boogie Woogie winner (2009), Ritu Gupta started her YouTube channel in 2011. With a newly launched studio, she wanted to take her dancing journey online and reach more people. She now has over a million subscribers and gives dancing lessons to kids and adults across the world.

In her early forties, Gupta says, “my kids were already grown-up when I started my YouTube channel so that never became a hindrance. My parents were resistant to my decision to upload dance videos, but my husband was supportive.”

Although YouTube came later in her life, she earlier worked as an interior designer when her kids were young. “When children see a working mother, they respect you in a certain way, even the society accepts you in a certain way. I made a career later in life but still it was satisfying,” she says.

Komal Narang

In 2013, when Komal Narang got married and moved to Dubai, she started her YouTube channel to document her journey and show people her side of the story. A lifestyle vlogger, 28-year-old Narang runs two YouTube channels. KomalVlogz, (146k subscribers) is a documentation of her daily life and My Happinesz (322k subscribers) is a beauty and lifestyle channel.


With a husband whom she calls her “support system”, Narang mentions how easy her journey has been because of him. “My husband shares the household load with me, and that is how it should be.”

She has faced resistance from a lot of people, but that never stopped her from doing what she is doing. Mother of a two-year-old boy, she never thought that he would be a hindrance. “He is a very sensitive child and he understands despite being so young. He understands when I say I’m working.”


She does not believe in motherhood being a hurdle in her career. “Us women, we are multitaskers from birth and we can manage it all. Be the woman that your kid can be proud of, that your kid can look up to and would want to be like,” she says.

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