Mangaluru cab driver’s kind gesture for this woman’s parents will leave you speechless

'Mom asked him to at least take a part of the bill (petrol expenses) but he just refused and left,' Kavya Rao wrote on Facebook.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 25, 2017 3:46:46 pm

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It was only recently that a Pune woman’s harrowing experience with a cab driver grabbed people’s attention on the Internet. While she called the cab driver’s messages to her as the “beginning of harassment”, a Mangaluru cab driver is making news for completely different reasons.

According to Kavya Rao’s Facebook post, an Ola cab driver, whom she introduced as Sunil, arrived on time and drove her parents to the hospital. But instead of haggling for money or quoting high prices, he refused to accept any money from her parents. His reason? “He insisted that dropping people to hospitals was his way of helping the society,” she wrote. When her parents insisted he at least take the petrol expenses from them, he stood by his words.

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Recognising Sunil for his act of kindness, an Ola spokesperson said “Driver partners like Sunil who go above and beyond their call of duty to help customers and fellow citizens are a stellar example of Ola’s philosophy of creating a positive impact for the society. Such actions truly resonate with our mission of building mobility for a billion Indians. We appreciate this wonderful gesture from Sunil and extend our full support to him in being not just a great example for his fellow driver partners but, also an inspiration for all of us.”

We thank the customer for sharing this experience, and we encourage more customers to come forward and share such experiences with us to ensure that more partners like Sunil are encouraged to continue being the good samaritans that they are!”

Read the Facebook post here. 

“Normally, I have a lot of complaints against Ola. But today, I’m here to share a wonderful story.

I booked a cab for my parents as my dad had to go to the hospital for a check up. As micro and mini weren’t available I booked a prime sedan. The driver arrived promptly, and dropped my parents at the hospital. It was a cash trip and the bill was Rs 140. The driver (Sunil) absolutely refused to take money from my mom saying he doesn’t take payment for hospital trips. Both my parents tried a lot to make him accept payment but he was very adamant. He insisted that dropping people to hospitals was his way of helping the society. Mom asked him to at least take a part of the bill (petrol expenses) but he just refused and left.

My parents were stunned and when mom told me this, I was in a shock. In today’s day and age when auto drivers start conversation with “200 rupees” or “meter double” and cab drivers cancel bookings just because they don’t like the destinations, Sunil is a gem.

I’m attaching the cab details, if you could find any way to appreciate him, would be very grateful. God bless him and his kind.”

A wonderful gesture, indeed!

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