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Kiran Bedi trolled for sharing ‘rare video’ of shark attacking chopper, defends it: ‘Laudable even if manufactured’

As jokes and memes took over Twitter, Kiran Bedi tweeted the video again and defended her stance. For the uninitiated, it's actually a scene from a 2017 Hollywood film titled 5-Headed Shark Attack.

kiran bedi, kiran bedi chopper shark, 5 headed shark attack, kiran bedi fake video, kiran bedi trolled fake video, indian expressWhile a few users tried to correct her informing her it's fake, others reacted with memes.

Former Puducherry governor Kiran Bedi is being trolled on the internet for sharing a jaw-dropping video of a monstrous shark jumping out of the water to take down a helicopter. Her tweet made it seem like the video was real.

Taking to Twitter, the retired IPS officer asked followers to see the unbelievable video of the animal jumping high up in the air to attack the chopper, while a group of people were left stunned as they watched the spectacle. As the people on camera were seen screaming in horror, the chopper was seen crashing into the water after getting engulfed in flames. The video was accompanied with the text, “National geographic channel has paid 1 Million Dollar for this rare video..What a video”.

Watch the video here:

The spoof video has gone viral in the past with similar captions and had been fact-checked by numerous news outlets. For the uninitiated, it’s actually a scene from a 2017 Hollywood film titled 5-Headed Shark Attack.

Watch the original trailer here:

Netizens had a field day cracking jokes about it, with many wondering how she fell for the viral spoof. Others looking for answers wondered if her post was a sarcastic one or if her account was hacked. However, many highlighted it wasn’t the first time she shared something this baffling online. The video reminded many of the time when in 2020, Bedi had shared a video of  ‘Sun chanting Om’.

Soon, others joined the conversation sharing other internet hoaxes.

As jokes and memes took over Twitter, Bedi tweeted the video again and defended her stance. “The source of this daring Video is open and subject to verifications,” the former Puducherry governor tweeted. “Whatever be the authentic and true source it is terrifying. But laudable, even if manufactured. Please view it against this caveat,” she added.

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First published on: 11-05-2022 at 03:22:38 pm
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