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Jwala Gutta had the PERFECT reply to a RACIST troll who called her ‘anti-Modi’

While trolls on the Internet is old news, a Twitter user decided to target ace badminton player and Arjuna awardee Jwala Gutta. He asked her if she 'opposed Modi' because her 'mother was from China'. Of course, Gutta shut him up with one smashing tweet after another.

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As much as the Internet makes for a fun place, it is also home for trolls waiting to take a dig at you at the drop of a hat. Badminton player and Arjuna awardee Jwala Gutta learnt this the hard way recently, although she refused to give in to the troll’s uncalled for hate. While it is no unusual for one to express the political opinions and social stands on issues on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, Twitter user “@siddhuheart” thought it would be apt to corner Gutta for the same. Well, the ace badminton player knew just the right smashes to shut him down.

On July 29, Siddhu tweeted to her asking if she “oppose MODI everytime” because her “mother is from China”.

@insigutta Is it bcoz ur mother is from China thats y u oppose MODI everytime ?

— siddhu (@siddhuheart)

The tweet, now deleted, caught Gutta’s attention in no time. She responded to him, complete with an angry emoticon, to send the message across in the best possible way.

She followed it up with another furious post: “When u bring my parents in the conversation..u wish u didn’t see this side of me!!! Mind it.”

But it seems the Twitter user hadn’t had enough and continued to instigate Gutta. According to a report by Storypick, he wrote: “Nt 2 offend, Just Tweted 2 confirm. She is Anti Modi all da Time bt within democracy rights. Modi is tirelessly workg 4 develmt of country (sic)”

Even this clear indication that Gutta had had enough couldn’t stop him from continuing to tweet to her further. He then wrote: “With all due respect to ur parents. I am not questioning anyone. My intention (in fact I am eager) to know what makes her so Anti Modi.”

Well, nothing seemed to stop him because then he apparently went on to make another comment (with no plausible context to the exchange): “If Modi Govt is not working for betterment of badminton or sports, convey it to Govt they will definitely work on it”.


This time Gutta chose to keep it simple and crisp — “U have lost ur mind!! Another word..u shall be blocked!!”

The Twitter user has now deleted all his tweets after Gutta’s responses to him went viral on the Internet.

First published on: 31-07-2017 at 05:03:47 pm
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