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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Why #JusticeForKaku is trending on Twitter and has angered many

A video of a domestic help arguing with her employers about her payment is being widely shared on social media but has also prompted a debate on why its wrong to mock the woman publicly.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: September 2, 2020 12:41:44 pm
justice for kaku, maid rs 1800 video, maid rs 1800 fail video, maid fails to understand rs 1800, viral video, justice for kaku memes, kaku memes, indian expressShe says that she received three Rs 500 notes and an additional Rs 300, but continues to argue that she hasn't been paid Rs 1800.

A video of a domestic help arguing with a group of young men over what she says is non-payment of Rs 1800 in wages has taken social media by storm. The video that shows the woman arguing with a group of young men over the amount she is to be paid has prompted jokes, but also sparked a debate over illiteracy among the economically backward.

In the undated video that has been shot at an undisclosed location, the woman is heard arguing in Marathi about not being paid Rs 1800 as agreed even as a man argues with her that she has been paid in full.

“Pay me the money and then I’ll go,” she is heard saying in the clip.

The man argues in the video that he had already paid her Rs 1800 earlier. The man in the video, and one off-camera, argue that they paid the woman three Rs 500 notes, one Rs 200 note and one Rs 100 note.

“Rs 1500 and Rs 300 becomes Rs 1800, how are you saying this,” the man argues.

The men continue to argue that they have paid her the money but she continues to deny that she’s been paid in full. She then says that she received three Rs 500 notes and an additional Rs 300, but continues to argue that she hasn’t been paid Rs 1800.

They then attempt to show her the math on a calculator but she refuses to accept it as an explanation. Then she tries to explain how the money paid doesn’t amount to Rs 1800 but gets it wrong. Even as they continue to argue, she asks them whether one of them is recording her, and the video ends.

Watch the video here:

After the video was widely shared on social media and WhatsApp, people started using the hashtag ‘Justice for aunty (kaku)’. Soon #JusticeForKaku started trending, with people saying the “only solution is for RBI to release a Rs 1800 note.”

However, there were some who defended the woman saying she may have been tricked earlier and hence stood her ground more strongly this time. Many pointed out that she may not know enough math to do what seems like a simple calculation to many.

“It’s shameful that a woman who didn’t have the privilege to receive education like most of us here is being ridiculed all over the Internet,” one person argued on social media.

Maharashtra’s Minister for Women & Child Development, Yashomati Thakur, acknowledged that the video of the woman had gone viral on social media but said it wasn’t right to mock her.

“A woman who runs her home with hard work should be respected and she is an important part of the Indian economy. A mistake in accounting shouldn’t be an issue of mockery,” Thakur tweeted, adding a screengrab of the video.

She also said that the ministry organises programmes for women on financial literacy and this video highlights why such programmes should have more reach.

Despite the video being widely shared on the internet, there’s little clarity on how the matter was resolved.

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