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Jalebi poster starts meme-fest online

While many were miffed that the Jalebi poster is copied from an iconic photograph of the Korean War, it quickly took a hilarious turn with funny captions and photoshop challenges.

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These hilarious reactions to Jalebi poster have left everyone in splits.

Mahesh Bhatt unveiled an upcoming film titled, Jalebi: The Everlasting Taste of Love, starring Rhea Chakraborty and debutante Varun Mitra in the lead. But he got some unintended publicity when a poster of the film sparked a flood of memes and jokes.

The new project produced by Bhatt’s Vishesh Films, which also marks the directorial debut of Pushpdeep Bhardwaj.  Bhatt while talking about the project revealed the first look of the film, in which the lead pair is seen engaging in a passionate kiss through the emergency window of a train.

“In this changing shifting world where the old stories have collapsed and no new story has yet emerged to replace them comes a story of everlasting love. Here is the #JalebiPoster,” Bhatt tweeted.

Some were miffed that the poster was copied from an iconic photograph taken during the Korean War and slammed the film’s makers for not being original.

But quickly the focus shifted and became all about funny captions and photoshop challenges.

Here are some of the best jokes and memes doing rounds on the Internet.

The film is scheduled to release on October 12.