Rajasthan BJP chief says Humayun gave ‘advice to Babur’ when dying; Twitterati roast with memeshttps://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-in-india/humayun-on-his-death-bed-told-babur-to-respect-cows-brahmin-women-rajasthan-bjp-chief-memes-5278114/

Rajasthan BJP chief says Humayun gave ‘advice to Babur’ when dying; Twitterati roast with memes

While historians and many slammed the BJP politician for his factually incorrect statement, others are now sharing their version of what 'Humayun said to Babur when he was dying' on Twitter, trolling Saini.

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Rajasthan BJP president was addressing the media on recent killings in Alwar. (Source: Twitter)

Rajasthan BJP president recently said that when Mughal emperor Humayun was on his deathbed, he summoned Babur and told him to respect cows, Brahmins and women, if he wanted to rule India. Madan Lal Saini was talking to the press on the issue of recent lynching in Alwar. Arguing that people should respect the points of “belief of any country, society or religion”, he highlighted the ‘conversation’ between the two Mughal emperors.

His remark, however, created a huge buzz online as the history lesson was not but a gaffe as Babur was Humayun’s father and has passed away 25 years prior to latter’s death.

“Kisi bhi samaj, desh, dharm ke shraddha ke bindu ka samman sabhi logo ne karna chahiye. Mujhe yaad ata hai, jab Humayun mar raha tha, us samay usne Babur ko bulaya tha. Aur unhone kaha tha ki Hindustan me tumko sashan karna hai to teen chizo ka dhyan rakhna. (People should respect the points of belief of any country, society or religion. I remember, when Humayun was dying, he summoned Babur. And he had said that if you want to rule Hindustan, you should keep three things in mind),” Saini had told reporters. “Ek to gaai, Brahman aur mahila, inke izzat pe kisi bhi tarah ka inke apman nahi hona chahiye. Hindustan isko sahan nahi karta hai (There shouldn’t be any insult to the honour of cow, Brahmin and women. Hindustan doesn’t tolerate this),” the Rajasthan BJP president stressed.

Videos of the conference went viral on social media with many trolling the politician for faulty history knowledge. While many were irked by the remark others took a sarcastic route to take a jibe at him. Sample these:

Referring to the alleged killing of Rakbar Khan in Alwar while he was transporting cows to his village in Haryana, Saini said that he was previously booked under cases of cow smuggling. However, Saini added that the death of Rakbar was unfortunate.