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How one tweet sparked anger and caused Raja Ram Mohan Roy, sati to trend on Twitter

One tweet about social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy resulted in the social reformer's name trending on Twitter and a lot of outrage.

raja ram mohan roy, sati, rmmohan roy, sati abolition, payal rohtagi, social media buzz, sati rammohan roy, indian express, viral news People were stunned online as the actor tried to glorify sati and claimed it wasn’t forced.

Raja Rammohan Roy, often regarded as the ‘Father of the Indian Renaissance’, is recognised for his battle to abolish the practices of sati and child marriage in India. But the social reformer was recently dubbed as a traitor online. It all started when actor Payal Rohtagi claimed on Twitter that the reformer of pre-independent India was a “chamcha to Britishers”.

In her tweet, the actor slammed Roy and claimed: “Sati tradition was not compulsory but was introduced to prevent the prostitution of Hindu wives by the hands of Mughal invaders.”

Born on 22 May, 1772 in a Brahmin family in West Bengal, Roy took on orthodoxy, power, and religion by relentlessly campaigning for the abolition of Sati, and championing the cause of women rights. Roy left home and travelled through Himalayas and Tibet while learning Persian and Arabic along with Sanskrit. This helped him understand the original scriptures, as opposed to the translations.

He made early translations of Vedic scriptures into English in the later parts of his life. Thus, he founded Bramho Samaj, “One God Society” and urged for a return to the original principles of Vedantism. A pioneer of the modern education system, he wanted to eradicate the dominance of superstition and patriarchy. A feminist in his time, Roy strongly advocated women’s right to property inheritance.

Rohatgi’s tweet shocked many and left many fuming online. Her remarks on Sati and allegations that Roy sided with the British to malign Hindu tradition left many upset, and his name started trending on the platform. While most slammed Rohtagi, others highlighted his contribution to Indian society.

First published on: 27-05-2019 at 04:07:04 pm
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