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Monday, July 23, 2018

‘How can a Hindu Brahmin consume beef?’ This girl’s conversation with her classmate will shock you

When logical reasoning fails.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 28, 2017 6:32:41 pm
Canteen menu of AMU. Express archive Photo. Why is eating beef always connected to Hinduism in India? (Source: Express Archives)

It was just another day for Delhi-based law student Arunima Bhattacharya when a guy from her class suddenly sent her a message. After the usual pleasantries, his first question was, “Yaar how you justify beef”. The person had apparently seen a message by Bhattacharya on some group and decided to message her questioning her faith as well as her dietary habits.

A free-thinking individual, Bhattacharya didn’t take kindly to the line of questioning and comments, and decided to post the entire conversation on Facebook in an attempt to make people aware of the kind of thought that prevails even among the educated lot. “Some were aghast, some were disgusted, many had a good laugh… Although I did receive a few ‘unpleasant’ messages. One person from Jaipur said ‘your post is very offensive to me because cow is my mother’ and then tagged ABVP and some ABVP members with a hashtag,” she told, about the reactions her post received.

In today’s age when cow vigilantism is on the rise, Bhattacharya found herself being tagged as a cannibal even. But the overall feedback on her post has been largely positive. “I am quite overwhelmed as well, so so many people said good things like they are proud of me, lauded my patience and the best part was that I received a message from someone in Karachi who said ‘we need more people like you in India and Pakistan. Then maybe we can finally have peace’,” she said.

Here’s the entire conversation between the two:

I just had a full-fledged conversation with a guy in my class (whom I have never seen btw) about how I, being a Hindu, am okay with beef and can ‘justify beef’, since I was born into a ‘Hindu Brahmin’ family.

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