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Watch: How a man prevents his son from falling off a moving scooter

The viral video of the rider’s gesture has 13 lakh likes.

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A video of a scooter rider in which he is holding his child from falling off the two-wheeler is going viral. The undated video shows a man driving the two-wheeler on which a young boy is sitting as the pillion rider. In the video, the young boy appears to be sleeping with his head falling to one side.

To prevent the boy from falling from the scooter, the rider supports the boy by putting his left hand behind him and using his right hand to steer the scooter.

An Instagram user named Abhishek Thapa shared this video on November 14. While sharing the now-viral video, he wrote, “That’s why he’s called father ”.

This short clip has gathered over 13 lakh likes as of December 4. In the comments section, many people recalled the heartfelt things their father did for them. An Instagram user wrote, “I still remember that day of hindi elocution when we were going back it was raining so much and we only had one raincoat and my father gave it to me ”.

Another person said, “I have also felt this when i had a operation and i was unconscious so my father did the same to take me back home!”.

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However, many also noted that the gesture was dangerous for both the child and the rider. Making this argument, a Twitter user wrote, “India needs laws against this, some protection needs to be provided for the children. But I am applauding the father for doing the best he can to provide his family and children”.

First published on: 04-12-2022 at 14:33 IST
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