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Sunday, November 29, 2020

‘Just a dog, not human’: Heartless student from TN killed 2 puppies by throwing them off terrace

Facebook user Shravan Krishnan wrote a heart-wrenching Facebook post on his timeline stating how a young student dropped two puppies from a terrace and left them to die.

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 6, 2017 10:03:17 am
puppy cruelty, animal cruelty, puppy thrown off a terrace, animal violence, puppies getting abused, youtube puppy abuse, animal cruelty report, indian express, indian express news The accused student from Tamil Nadu was reportedly angry because it urinated on his clothes. (Source: Shravan Krishnan/Facebook)

In the past, we have seen many horrifying incidents in which dogs have been ill treated by humans. A few months back, a Gurugram resident flung his four-month-old pet over his first-floor balcony in a fit of rage. It was later found out that the puppy dropped his laptop while playing and also chewed up the DTH wires. Bringing another such atrocious incident to the fore, Facebook user Shravan Krishnan shared a long post on his account and stated that another young student from a reputed college in Vellore dropped two puppies from a terrace and left them to die.

In his post, Krishnan said, “We immediately rushed to Katpadi K1 station, Vellore. An FIR has been lodged. The body of the dead pup will be exhumed and sent for PM.” The accused belongs to a reputed college in Tamil Nadu and was reportedly angry with the puppy because it urinated on his clothes.

Read the original post here.

“Another case of cruelty committed by a young student from a reputed college in Vellore. We received a message from a few students that one of their college mates had thrown 2 puppies from his terrace and kill them. Dinesh Baba, Nishanth Nichu and I immediately rushed to Katpadi K1 station, Vellore. An FIR has been lodged. The body of the dead pup will be exhumed and sent for PM.
Message we received
“For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap the joy of love.”
We took in a 1-month-old puppy who was attacked by other big street dogs, badly bruised. We got him vaccinated, fed him daily and were so thankful for his presence in our lives. He was a small bundle of love and in no time everyone in the house got attached to him.
Sadly, one unfortunate day he wandered out of the house and reached the house of Vishesh Iyengar. This person, Vishesh, already had a history of torturing the street puppies by placing them at high heights and waiting for them to fall down. This animal, Vishesh, took the puppy to the terrace and threw him off and the puppy died on the spot. Upon investigation from his neighbours, we got to know that our puppy wasn’t the only one he had killed and just a day ago he had thrown another black puppy off the terrace. Also, after killing the first puppy he posted on a WhatsApp group ‘1 down, 1 more to go, doggy tales’ and upon questioning by the group members he openly admitted that he had killed a puppy. With his message, it is clearly evident that he already had plans of getting his hands on the other puppy (our pet).
The excuse he gave for killing the 2 puppies :
‘It peed on my clothes dude’
Though his Whatsapp messages clearly indicate that he did not need any excuse to do what he had planned and did it just to get himself off
What is even more devastating is that this person has no remorse, no guilt and no shame and to make it worse he says ‘it’s just a dog, I didn’t kill a human’.” has contacted Shravan Krishnan and is awaiting his reply.

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