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Hardik Pandya flaunted his new HAIRSTYLE, but people TORE it apart on Twitter

Hardik Pandya, who is known for his experimental looks and styles, recently shared a photo on social media that brought him a series of mixed reactions. While, some liked his look, others were quick to bluntly disapprove.

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What do you think about Hardik Pandya’s new hairstyle? (Hardik Pandya/Twitter)

In today’s times, famous personalities have to bear the brunt of online trolls for even the most harmless tweet or post on social media. Recently, Sonam Kapoor was body shamed for her bikini video, and in the past, many Bollywood celebs and sports stars have had to go through the misery. And, now it is cricketer Hardik Pandya, who has fallen prey to social media mockery. Popularly known for his “experimental” hairstyles and funky looks, the cricketer took to social media to share his latest look and the reactions are not all that pleasing.

Captioned “Don’t be afraid of change… it’s leading you to a new beginning,” the first post features Pandya posing with a phone in one hand and a napkin with a number written on it in the other. With a smirk on his face and a winking pose, it seems the cricketer it up to something. Check out the picture here.

In another suited-booted look, he looks like a true gentleman with two cricket balls in his hand. “Life’s about choices. Every choice you make, makes you who you are,” he wrote alongside the picture.

Soon, his post was flooded with reactions and many users did not seem to like his look. While some were blunt enough to call him a ‘joker’ and disapprove his style, others suggested that he should focus more on the game than his look. A user also compared him with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and tagged him as Pandya ‘Ranveer Singh of cricket’.

However, the negative comments were soon overpowered by the positive comments that followed. Many users appreciated the cricketer and complimented his look.

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