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‘Happy’ Propose Day 2017: 12 tweets you should read if you’re single

It's Propose Day and if you're single, this is for you!

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It’s Valentine’s Week with all the Hug Day, Rose Day, Chocolate Day and more in line. And if you don’t have a partner, all these days might irritate you a little because they’re nothing more than Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday for you. Of course, there are people who find this week meaningless despite having someone in their lives, but essentially, it’s meant for those “madly” in love.

Well, it’s Day 2 of the V-Week, which means it’s Propose Day, and if you are not among those popping the question today, you’re possibly leading your life as just another day or drowning yourself in pity wishing you had someone to propose something to. The ‘less fortunate’ ones took to Twitter to share their woes; some in the form of humour and others, rather straight.

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But hey, you could also break the conventions and celebrate the day by proposing something to your parents, friends, other loved ones! After all, the week is to celebrate love and relationships.

Meanwhile, we collected 12 tweets by singles that singles would relate to.